It’s always lovely when we get to meet our colleagues from around the world face to face rather than by email or video call.

Today we met Mei Yan Yan (Megan) and Yan Wan (Kelly) who came all the way from China to record a video insert with the President of our Group Ray Keene.

This will be for promoting the World Speed Reading and World Mind Mapping Championships which will be held in Beijing this December. Mei Yan Yan is the organiser of this competition and is doing a wonderful job.

Even better – because THIS is the week is the UK National competitions, both Mei Yan Yan and Yan Wan have decided to stay on in London to take part!

The World Championships are MASSIVE in China – they really are investing in giving their people the leading edge when it comes to Mental Literacy … but here is the thing.

We help our trainers and supporters run School and National competitions too and if you’d like to find out more them drop me a line at


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