I’m very excited to share some news with you… At the beginning of 2020, we’ll be launching our crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding allows you to invest from as little as £10, meaning you can create a diverse portfolio of investments in businesses you care about. We are looking to raise £1 M  for 9% in our business and already have a huge amount of interest, with this in mind it would be a shame for you to miss out.

Please head to BuzanGroup.Seedrs.com and pre-register for our campaign.

We are currently in the Pre-registration phase which means you can set up your investment account and make a pledge. It is important to note, no fiscal investment is due until 7 days after campaign hits 100%, which is usually within 60 days from now. At this stage, we are looking to get a sense of interest from our own networks and give you some extra time to learn more in detail on the investment proposal!

If the Tony Buzan Group can help you at all with information around this process please message me directly and we can go through this, we also have support available to walk you through the investor sign up (3 steps) if required!

You can contact me on enquiries@TonyBuzan.com

Our next phase will be a private campaign where you can view our pitch, watch our video and access our investment deck and supporting documents. We expect this phase to be open for around 14 days before we make this accessible to the general public on the Seedrs platform. I will update you all when this happens!

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