Thursday 6th of June was a fabulous day!  It was the day of the UK National Mind Mapping Championship hosted by our wonderful friends at L’Escargot in Greek Street, London.

Nine Countries joined us in the standard two discipline National Mind Mapping Competition format; Israel; France; Italy; Poland; Pakistan; Scotland; England and Germany and China.

Essentially this consists of two Mind Maps in four hours – the first is a “live-time” Mind Map from a spoken presentation and the second a “creative” Mind Map on any subject that you choose.

You can find the full rules for the competition HERE

They were competing for a very unique trophy. This was an original piece of artwork that Tony Buzan used to display in his office.  We felt that it would be a wonderful idea to share his chosen pieces around the world by gifting them as prizes in competitions – then everyone who wins could carry a little piece of Tony home with them in memoriam.

The speaker … well we always seek to find someone interesting, unique and on an unusual topic.

This time it was an old colleague and friend, Actor, Max Gold who very generously spend the afternoon with us all firstly sharing a little about his life as an actor and how memory plays such a significant role in his profession and in his creative life.

I’ve known Max for 30 years – and in the break we took a stroll down our own “Memory Lane” by wandering past some of our old Soho haunts.

One of the winning Mind Maps from our Gold Medallist, Jerome Hoarau of France – it scored pretty highly according to our universal marking scheme – if you’d like to mark your own Mind Map against our Paris Marking Scheme – you can find the link HERE  

We were also joined by Mei Yan Yan (Megan) and Yan Wan (Kelly), the organisers of the World Mind Mapping Championship which will be held in Beijing in December 2019.

Like the technique of the Mind Map itself it would seem that the National and World Championships are spreading and connecting the whole planet..

I think Jerome was pretty delighted – particularly when he also scored a Silver Medal in the UK Open Speed Reading Championship on the same day.

If you would like to learn more about training to become a Trainer of Mind Mapping  – then hop over HERE to sign up for more information.


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