General Rules

All Mind Maps must be created using A3 paper provided.

Competitors must bring their own coloured pens, pencils, paints or other art materials for the creation of their Mind Maps. These may be shared if competitors agree.

Mind Maps are required to be created in the competition room and may not be removed prior to judging.

All Mind Maps will be created by hand. Software is not permitted.

Noise creation is not permitted during Mind Mapping.

Competitors may not reference the internet during the competition to source images or additional information.


Timings for events – 90 minutes in Total


Note Making Freestyle

  • Competitors create a Mind Map on a subject of their own choice.
  • Credit will be given for creative expression within the Mind Map Laws.
  • Published source material comprising text and/or images may be brought by competitors but not pre-created Mind Maps.
  • Competitors may use any media to create textures, scents, 3-D effects, etc.


Marking Criteria

  • The ‘Paris’ Marking Scheme is used to assign points to each Mind Map. Download copies of the full marking scheme HERE
  • In addition to the Mind Map laws, accuracy of information on the Mind Map is considered.
  • The top five mind maps are assessed by the Arbiter to determine the gold, silver and bronze positions. Downloadable Official Presentation certificates are available HERE
  • We suggest that all students are presented with an Official Competitors Certificate – full certificate downloads are available HERE


Disqualifications and Right of Appeal

All decisions by the designated Arbiter are full and final