Ideally the room should be spacious with lots of natural light.  If not the artificial light should cast an even light over all the desks.

There should be a well lit area for the Speaker to use and suitable AV Equipment and microphone should be supplied to ensure every competitor can see and hear the Speaker clearly.

Should there be multiple native language competitors then a process for simultaneous translation should be put in place so that all competitors can experience the Speaker in real time.

The room should be relatively but there is not need for the room to be completely silent  – some ambient noise is to be expected but loud and disruptive sounds should be avoided wherever possible.


There should be a large, flat, stable table for each competitor.  The table should be big enough to accommodate the competitor using A3 paper, any notes, books, resources and drawing materials.

All tables should be positioned either facing forwards or in an U configuration so that all competitors can see the Speaker clearly.


Plentiful supplies of good quality A3 paper should be made available to the competitors. All submitted Mind Maps should have their specific competitor number on the reverse side.

For the World Championship a written text should be supplied – this text should be provided in the competitors native language and although the same text need not be provided for all competitors it should be of the same style / source / difficulty eg – a magazine, a whole book, a scientific paper.

Competitors are encouraged to bring their own pens and drawing materials.

Although we recommend that water is made available for the competition it is preferred that this be in closed bottles rather than open glasses to prevent accidental spillage.



A separate quiet room should be set aside for the Arbiters to mark the Mind Maps.

Each Mind Map will be marked by two Arbiters – in the case of the “Spoken Presentation” then the speaker should be one of those Arbiters.  The defining rule is that the Speaker would feel confident at replicating their presentation from the Mind Map created.

A plentiful supply of the “Paris System” marking scheme and competitor marking sheets should be made available for the Arbiters.

A computer to collate and record all marks should also be provided for the Arbiters Room with the final score sheet forwarded to as soon as the scoring is complete for onward media release.


A dedicated area for presenting the awards to the winners should be established.  In a smaller competition this may be at the front of the room but in a larger competition an “Award Ceremony” may be more appropriate and prestigious.

Facility for Press and other photographs and videos should be made available.

Time should be taken to celebrate all of the competitors and not just the winners.