The World Mind Mapping Council members have arrived in Beijing after a long ( and If I am honest a fairly tortuous journey)

But what a lovely surprise  – a “welcome Dinner” hosted by Megan and her team from China .. and what a dinner! 

Such a pleasure to finish a half-way-around-the world trip where you have been dependant on Railway Sandwiches and Airline Food to be greeted to a beautifully presented and utterly delicious feast.

How wonderful is this place setting?  I don’t think I have every had the combination of crippling jet lag  and golden spoons before?

And this was just the beginning ….

A whole fish for our Guest of Honour – Ray Keene .. here as the President of the Tony Buzan Group. (Its supposed to be very lucky if the person being honoured takes the very first piece .. so he did)

Spicy hot radish, pickled cucumber, tender slivers of beef, fragrant crispy pieces of duck … and the most wonderful prawns that are cooked in water, dredged in powdered sugar then deep fried to create the most shatteringly crisp shells around juicy flesh.

And the tea .. Beijing Red Tea … nothing says welcome quite like a pot of delicious tea does it .. and plenty of it!

The “novelty” of the evening was a plate of fresh walnuts .. I don’t think I have ever eaten a very fresh walnut before!!  I delighted our guests by whipping one from the plate with my chopsticks ( I was taught to eat with chopsticks in my twenties by a friends Grandma who fed us before work every night) to revel this …….


Very appropriate considering we are guests of the Chinese Government these next two weeks hosting not only the World Mind Mapping Championship but the World Speed Reading Championship here in Beijing at the Renmin University of China. This University is considered to be one of the very top Universities in China and to speak there has long been one of our teams “bucket list” goals.

So now – now we take our weary heads and jet-lagged bodies to bed … for tomorrow we start the preparation for our biggest World Championship we have ever run!

Exciting Times!!

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